Young MMA fighter Mario Pinto Dominates

Mario Pinto Levels Fight League Heavyweight Grand Prix

Rising star Mario Pinto dominates Levels Fight League’s Heavyweight Grand Prix. The MMA Fighter shines during the heavyweight tournament organized by Levels Fight League. During the heavyweight tournament, Pinto, who is just 25 years old, delivers an impressive performance.

Levels Fight League Heavyweight Grand Prix

At just 25 years old, MMA fighter Mario Pinto made an impressive debut in the tournament, securing a victory that elevated his record from 3-0 to 6-0 in one night. His outstanding performance in the Levels Heavyweight Grand Prix was nothing short of phenomenal, serving as an inspiration to up-and-coming fighters everywhere. Despite facing three opponents in one night, Pinto emerged victorious, becoming the Heavyweight Grand Prix champion of the Levels Fight League.

Pinto’s undeniable talent and skill have made him a rising star in the Levels Fight League, where he has demonstrated his dominance by defeating all three of his opponents in ONE night. His electrifying performance captivated both the live and at-home audiences, cementing his position as a fighter to watch. With his sights set on the future, we believe Pinto is guaranteed to make his way to the UFC octagon, where he will undoubtedly become the face of his weight class.


The Grand Prix tournament was held in Amsterdam on March 11th and could be watched live on ViaPlay. Additional information about the event can be found on this page. Details about the next tournament have yet to be announced.