Unveiling the Best of LFL 2023

Levels Fight League

Unveiling the Best of LFL: Experience Live MMA Action in Amsterdam! LFL Honours: the Dutch MMA promotion in Amsterdam presents Fight of the Year, Finish of the Year, and Emerging Talent as voted by fans. Witness the epic battles!

Are you a true MMA enthusiast looking for the ultimate live experience in Amsterdam? Look no further! Levels Fight League (LFL) proudly presents the best moments of the year, as chosen by our dedicated fans. From intense battles to jaw-dropping finishes and the emergence of new talents, LFL has it all. Grab a drink, settle in, and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of live MMA action!


Fight of the Year: Jaroslaw Lech vs Yannick Bahati (LFL7)

 Our fans have spoken, and the Fight of the Year honour goes to the electrifying clash between Jaroslaw Lech and Yannick Bahati. On LFL7, these two warriors stepped into the LFL cage to compete for the Light Heavyweight Title, delivering a heart-stopping performance that lasted the full 5 rounds! Brace yourself for the intensity and watch the action unfold here!


Finish of the Year: Andreeas Binder vs Aiden Lee (LFL9)

Prepare to be amazed as Andreeas Binder secures the Finish of the Year in his battle against Aiden Lee for the LFL Lightweight Title on LFL9. The fight culminated in a spectacular knockout by Binder, showcasing his exceptional skills in the cage. Witness the breathtaking moment here and relive the excitement!



Emerging Talent: Alain’s Pro Debut and Rise to 5-0 (LFL9)

Keep your eyes on the rising star, Alain! Making his pro debut on June 26, 2022, Alain has swiftly climbed to a remarkable 5-0 record, boasting a 100% finish rate, with 4 of those victories in the first round. Watch Alain in action on LFL9 here and witness the emergence of a promising MMA talent.

At Levels Fight League, we are committed to delivering unforgettable moments and showcasing the best of Dutch MMA promotion in Amsterdam. Join us for an unparalleled live show that captures the essence of MMA excellence. Stay tuned for more action-packed events and the continuous evolution of the MMA scene in the Netherlands. Experience the thrill, feel the energy, and be a part of the LFL legacy!