Thrilling MMA Action at LFL 8 in Amsterdam

Levels Fight League 8

Fresh off the conclusion of the Netherlands’ biggest Heavyweight Tournament, Levels Fight League is excited to present another thrilling night of MMA action with LFL 8, March 12 in Amsterdam.

Former UFC Fighter Takes on Formidable Opponent

LFL8: Chris Fishgold and Kepa

The Main Event showcase former UFC and BKB fighter, Chris Fishgold (18-4-1), and the formidable Adrian Kępa (10-7) from Poland, as they duke it out in Amsterdam.

Fishgold who’s from Liverpool has competed in various MMA promotions around the world, including the UFC and Cage Warriors. He signed with Bare Knuckle Boxing (BKB) and won his debut fight in the promotion. Fishgold is ready to go all the way at Levels Fight League.

Adrian Kępa is from Poland and is known for his powerful striking abilities and has won the majority of his fights by knockout. He went on a six-fight winning streak before signing with Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW), one of the biggest MMA promotions in Europe. Will Kępa manage to finish his LFL debut with his powerful striking?

Clash of wrestling and striking styles during the Co-Main event

Wilnis and Berkenbosh LFL8

The upcoming Berkenbosh vs Wilnis fight will feature a clash of wrestling and striking styles. The Co-Main event features a match that was previously postponed in February, as ex-Glory Champion and regular LFL fighter, Jason Wilnis (2-2), takes on the Dutch Wrestling Champion, Joey Berkenbosch (4-2).

Jason Wilnis has competed in various combat sports promotions around the world. Wilnis is known for his powerful striking abilities and has won the majority of his fights by knockout. He started his career in kickboxing and was a former Glory Middleweight Champion. He is eager to take over MMA at Levels Fight League!

Joey Berkenbosh is known for his grappling skills and has won the majority of his fights by submission. Berkenbosch started his career as a wrestler and was a Dutch Wrestling Champion before transitioning to MMA. He quickly established himself as a top prospect in the European MMA scene. His second match at Levels Fight League will be during LFL8.

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