LFL4 Fight Week

It’s Levels Fight League Fight Week!

Welcome fight fanatics and combat connoisseurs to Levels Fight League’s Fight Week. Live from the spectacular Dutch capital of Amsterdam, one of the greatest fight cities in the world. We are getting ready to deliver a spectacular show on Sunday March 13.

Let’s take you to a trip down memory lane of greatness delivered by the Dutch and what is awaiting you on Sunday March 13!

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Since the ’70s dynamic fighters from the Netherlands have innovated and elevated the combat sport of kickboxing, disrupting it’s path and changing martial arts forever! Now with Levels Fight League the Netherlands is again altering and influencing the direction of fighting. This time in the modern arena of MMA.

Sunday March 13 two Dutch legends of the fight game, Jason Wilnis and Murthel Groenhart, continue their quest for mixed martial arts greatness. Tom Breese, former UFC contender, gets a title shot against David Ramires, former XFN champion. Slim Trabelsi, olimpic wrestler, is facing John Winter. Weigh in is happening on Saturday 12 March. We will keep publishing content on our social channels and here.

Join us at Transformatorhuis (Westergas) in Amsterdam live or via pay-per-view.

You don’t want to miss this!