Levels Fight League 8: Unforgettable MMA Excitement

LFL8 | Joey Berkenbosch Jason Wilnis Fishgold MMA

Amsterdam is a beautifully fascinating and unique city, it is build on clay soil and supported by wooden poles. It has 4x more bicycles than it has cars. It has the highest museum density on planet earth and when it comes to martial arts well no one does hand to hand combat like the Dutch. Fight fanatics martial arts enthusiast and combat connoisseurs, we welcome you to your new favourite fight show: Levels Fight League. On March 12th, Sunday, we were thrilled to present to you LFL8 – an exhibition of bravery, fierceness, and worldwide martial artistry. The event featured 16 talented artists and athletes in 8 exceptional matches that would undoubtedly satisfy the taste buds of discerning fighting enthusiasts.

During our co-main event, we witnessed a clash of Dutch fighters as the versatile free fighter, Joey Berkenbosch, stepped into the ring to give the highly-regarded kickboxing champion, Jason Wilnes, the most challenging opponent he had faced thus far. Wilnes, a former Glory Champion, is a fighter whom other fighters often pause to observe.
The main event of the evening saw Adrian Kepa, a Polish fighter armed with his impressive Polish power and a two-fight winning streak, step into the LFL cage to face off against Chris Fishgold, an English submission specialist. The highly anticipated clash was predicted to shake up the welterweight division in Europe.

The Transformatorhuis in Amsterdam was filled with a welcoming ambiance of sports enthusiasts and fans eagerly anticipating the eighth edition of Levels Fight League, the premier destination for European MMA. The sold-out show boasted an audience of approximately 500 people.

Accompanying the thrilling matches were the insightful commentaries of Stefan Struve, Robin Black, and Callum Booth.

Explosive start to the night: Freek van Iersel vs Cherif Larossi

Kicking off the night was a match between Freek van Iersel, a talented grappler eager to secure a win, and Cherif Larossi, a well-rounded fighter with excellent striking, grappling, and wrestling skills. The matchmakers, Donovan Panayiotis and Jules Bruno, did an excellent job pitting these two formidable opponents against each other. Larossi, who dedicates all his free time to MMA, had high expectations and pressure on himself. Although the first round was not easy, it proved to be a good one for Larossi, who eventually emerged victorious in round 2 with a rear-naked choke.

Tycho Brakel Emerges Victorious Against Jonathan Tokoudagba

Jonathan, who is nearly 40 years old, possesses lengthy arms despite the age gap. The two fighters exerted themselves fully for three rounds, each lasting 5 minutes, resulting in an intense clash. Ultimately, Tycho Brakel emerged as the victor through a unanimous decision in the third round. Tycho attributed his win to his father.

Rising Star Lechukov Shocks Fans with Another Epic Spinning Wheel Kick

With his impressive skills and natural flair, young Lechukov secured a victory in his most recent bout by executing a spinning wheel kick. Despite taking a considerable risk against his black belt opponent, Chavarro, the move paid off in just 21 seconds into the first round, leaving spectators stunned. Lechukov’s spinning wheel kick earned him the coveted KO of the night award, and it was evident that he was learning and absorbing new information with second of the fight. This triumph marked his second professional victory by way of a spinning wheel kick KO.

Intense Battle! Andreas Binder vs Chris Stinger

The fourth match featured Chris Stinger and Andreas Binder, with the latter emerging victorious through a unanimous decision. The fight lasted three grueling rounds, with viewers on the edge of their seats throughout the entire match. Binder caught Stinger off-guard with his powerful punches in what was a thrilling and intense bout. Binder has been actively seeking out challenging opponents to build his record and has successfully defeated an experienced fighter in this match.

Jeanderson Castro’s Explosive Victory over Elliot Jenkins

In the fifth match, Elliot Jenkins faced off against Jeanderson Castro. Although Jenkins managed to get Castro into a precarious position, Castro demonstrated his ability to escape and began unleashing powerful strikes on Jenkins. Ultimately, Castro secured a first-round victory over Jenkins.

Intense Grappling Battle Ends in Rear Naked Choke Submission: Piotr Kalenik vs Niels van Noord

The sixth match featured Piotr Kalenik and Niels van Noord, who engaged in a series of impressive grappling exchanges. Ultimately, Kalenik emerged as the victor, securing a rear naked choke submission in the second round.

Joey Berkenbosch stuns Jason Wilnis and proposes to girlfriend in the ring!

In the co-main event of Match 7, Jason Wilnis faced off against Joey Berkenbosch in a dangerous rematch. To the surprise of many, Joey dominated the first round, and the crowd chanted his name in support. Despite this, Wilnis remained composed and calm. At the beginning of the second round, Wilnis seized the opportunity to strike Joey, rocking him with a powerful blow. However, Joey managed to withstand the attack and ultimately secured a TKO victory in the first round. Moments later, Joey shocked the crowd once again by announcing his retirement and proposing to his girlfriend, who joyfully accepted. The unexpected turn of events made Joey’s victory all the more special, and we wish them all the luck in the world. It was truly a wild and unforgettable ending.

Fiery Main Event Ends with Broken Rib: Adrian KĘPA vs Chris Fishgold

The main event featured Adrian KĘPA and Chris Fishgold in a highly anticipated matchup. Both fighters lived up to expectations in the first round, exchanging hard blows without hesitation. However, the fight ended abruptly with a TKO victory for KĘPA, as Fishgold suffered a broken rib. Despite the defeat, Fishgold immediately issued a challenge for a rematch with KĘPA. The question now remains whether promoterd Donovan Panayiotis and Jules Bruno, will agree to this request. After a night filled with intense matches, this main event delivered the excitement fans had been waiting for.

Upcomming event: Levels Fight League 9

The upcoming LFL9 event is scheduled to be held on July 9th at the iconic Gashouder in the heart of Amsterdam, which is renowned for its exceptional event venue. Donvan Panayiotis and Jules Bruno are tirelessly collaborating to curate a breathtaking card for the audience. Further details regarding the event lineup and ticket sales will be released shortly. To stay ahead of the game, subscribe to our newsletter by visiting the Levels Fight League 9 dedicated page >>CLICK HERE<<. Be the first to know when early bird tickets are available!