Kill or Be Killed Battle between Castro and Jansons

Castro vs Jansons

Don’t miss the LFL9 Lightweight Fight at Gashouder: Witness a 100% Kill or Be Killed Battle between Castro and Jansons!

On Sunday, July 9th, the Levels Fight League (LFL) Lightweight Fight between Jeanderson “the jackal” Castro and Silvis Jansons in Amsterdam. This event promises to be an exciting showcase of MMA talent.

Brazilian Castro, training out of Ireland’s famous SBG gym, is known for his stand-and-bang style of fighting. He is a true brawler who always brings the heat to the octagon. SBG has produced notable fighters like Conor McGregor, and Castro is no exception when it comes to raw talent and fighting spirit.

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Castro’s opponent for the LFL9 Lightweight Fight is Jansons, a tough and skillful up-and-comer who is not afraid to engage in a fire fight. Jansons has the technical skills to match Castro’s power, making this fight a true 100% kill or be killed affair. Both fighters will be looking to secure a win on their record, which is sure to make this an exciting and intense bout.

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The Gashouder, an industrial gas storage facility turned event space, will provide an unforgettable backdrop for this MMA showdown. The venue’s unique atmosphere will add to the already electric energy of the event, creating an unforgettable experience for both fighters and spectators alike.

Fans can expect to see a spectacular display of mixed martial arts skills, with fighters from all over the world competing for the win. MMA has become a global phenomenon, and the Levels Fight League is quickly becoming one of the most exciting and prestigious events in the sport.

In conclusion, the LFL9 Lightweight Fight promises to be an unforgettable event for MMA fans. With Brazilian Castro and Jansons set to go head-to-head in a 100% kill or be killed battle. Add in the iconic venue of the Gashouder, and you have a recipe for an unforgettable MMA experience that should not be missed.


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July 9th Levels Fight League in Gashouder Amsterdam

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