Kasim Aras Joins Levels Fight League

Kasim Aras

Kasim Aras Joins Levels Fight League: A Former Bellator Contender’s Journey to MMA Glory!

In a thrilling development for mixed martial arts enthusiasts, Kasim Aras, a former Bellator contender from Germany, Aachen, has officially inked a deal with the Levels Fight League (LFL). The buzz is building as fans eagerly anticipate his debut at LFL11 on February 18 in the vibrant city of Amsterdam.

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Kasim Aras
Kasim Aras

Kasim Aras a decorated fighter

Aras, already a notable figure in the MMA scene, boasts an impressive resume. As the former Elite MMA Championship Heavyweight Champion and Fair Fighting Championships Heavyweight Champion, along with a decorated wrestling career in the German Bundesliga, Kasim brings a wealth of experience and skill to the Levels Fight League.

Take on Mario Pinto

Setting his sights on new challenges, Kasim Aras aims to take on Mario Pinto and accumulate more titles as he embarks on the journey back to the pinnacle of the Mixed Martial Arts world. His debut at LFL11 is not just a fight; it’s a stepping stone towards a greater goal – the world stage.

As an accomplished and versatile fighter, Kasim Aras’s journey in the Levels Fight League promises to be captivating. Stay tuned to witness his evolution in this new chapter of his career. The excitement is palpable, and Kasim Aras’s time in the LFL is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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