Former UFC Fighters Chris Fishgold and Rostem Akman to Clash at LFL9

Chris Fishgold vs Rostem Akman

The Levels Fight League is gearing up for a high-profile welterweight bout between two former UFC fighters, Chris Fishgold and Rostem Akman. The event, LFL9, will take place on Sunday, July 9th, and will be streamed live on ViaPlay. For those looking to watch the action up close, tickets are available for the live event at the Gashouder in Amsterdam.

Chris Fishgold

Chris Fishgold, hailing from Liverpool, is a former UFC and BKB (Bare Knuckle Boxing) contender and Cage Warriors Champ. Has found his way to top Dutch promotion Levels Fight League. He continues his LFL journey on July 9th where he will face off again Rostem Akman. Fishgold made his LFL debut on LFL8.

Rostem Akman, on the other hand, is a Swedish fighter who has also competed in the UFC. Akman won his LFL debut on LFL7 with a unanimous decision victory over Djamil Chan. Akman has a professional record of 7-2, with five of his victories coming by way of TKO/KO. Akman is known for his striking abilities but has also demonstrated his grappling skills in previous fights.

The upcoming bout between Fishgold and Akman is expected to be an intense and exciting fight. Both fighters have a lot to prove, with Fishgold looking to redeem himself after his loss on LFL8 and Akman aiming to continue his winning streak in the LFL. Fishgold a veteran of UFC and Polaris will move up in weight division to challenge Rostem Akman also a UFC vet in his natural weight class.

Match Fighgold vs Akman

Overall, the welterweight bout between Chris Fishgold and Rostem Akman on LFL9 is a highly anticipated event in the MMA world. Fans can expect to see two skilled fighters go head-to-head in an intense battle for supremacy. With the option to stream the event live on ViaPlay or watch it live in person at the Gashouder in Amsterdam.

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July 9th Levels Fight League in Gashouder Amsterdam

Experience the action live at the Gashouder in Amsterdam.


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LFL 9 can be watched live on ViaPlay.