Casal vs. Diedrick Set to Ignite the Levels Fight League at Gashouder

David Casal Moldes vs Ammari Diedrick

On July 9th, the Levels Fight League (LFL) will showcase an electrifying welterweight battle at the iconic Gashouder in Amsterdam. Two promising fighters, David Casal Moldes and Ammari Diedrick, will step into the cage, each fuelled by their dreams of success and a hunger for victory.

David Casal Moldes vs Ammari Diedrick

Representing Team Schreiber, David Casal Moldes is a rising star under the guidance of renowned trainer Bob Schreiber. Schreiber’s name carries weight in the combat sports world, having trained UFC fighter Stefan Struve. Casal is one of Schreiber’s promising talents, eager to prove his worth and make his way to the grand stage of the UFC.

Casal has already faced tough competition in the Levels Fight League, going toe-to-toe with former Glory champion Jason Wilnis in a previous event. Now, he prepares to take on another formidable opponent in Ammari Diedrick. Casal’s early career has been marked by determination and a relentless pursuit of his dream. Every fight in the Levels Fight League presents an opportunity for him to prove his skills, resilience, and readiness to step up to the next level.

On the other side of the cage, Ammari Diedrick brings his own unique set of skills and ambitions. Though born in London, he was raised in Derby, a town in northern England. Diedrick’s journey in combat sports has been driven by an unyielding desire to leave a lasting legacy as one of the top fighters of his generation.

As a member of the Levels Fight League, Diedrick has showcased his talent and dedication to the sport. Now, he stands ready to face David Casal, knowing that a victory against such a tough opponent would solidify his position among the elite fighters in his weight class.

Both fighters share a common drive to secure another victory for their professional records and to climb the ranks in the welterweight division. The battle between Casal and Diedrick promises to be a thrilling spectacle, as these two warriors leave everything inside the cage. The Gashouder in Amsterdam, renowned for hosting unforgettable events, will bear witness to their clash of skill, determination, and heart.

As the Levels Fight League continues to provide a platform for rising stars in the world of combat sports, Casal and Diedrick epitomize the talent and ambition that drives these fighters to greatness.

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